Whatever the Weather…

Almost everyone knows that festival season is the perfect time to express yourself and your personality through your fashion choices. Festival fashion is all about being unique and different, but also being comfortable and protected, which is probably why you can easily spot women wearing trainers and boots with sundresses during Europe’s major festivals, not to mention the fact that most people usually have some kind of extravagant hat and/or sunglasses on – even at night.

It goes without saying that you should travel light when going to a festival – after all, you will likely be taking a train there and camping at the grounds, which means you will have little space and lots of carrying time ahead of you. You should also, however, be prepared for each and any kind of weather that might come your way, because it can change almost in a blink of an eye, turning from gloriously sunny into dreadfully dark and cold in the course of a few hours.

So what is the dress code during the European festival season then? Well, while most people will probably suggest a boho style while maxi dresses, rompers and sandals, Europe’s festival scene is all about comfort, so you better pack a hoodie and leggings along with your cute shorts and loose crop tops. It is also a good idea to wear sensible shoes, as you might encounter rain and mud at the site, which means you may have to leave your sandals for some trainers or wellies which will keep your feet clean and dry in case of emergency. And yes, I know traditional wellies aren’t exactly the easiest thing to pack and transport, but nowadays there are incredible options like foldable wellies you can easily keep in your backpack and wear over your sandals, so even if they don’t look as stylish as you’d like, there is no excuse for sticking your bare feet in mud during festivals.

Another emergency fashion must-have at European festivals is some kind of jacket or protective clothing, because while you might be in the sunshine, surrounded by people or moving most of the time, there are always times when you might feel a slight chill. A kimono can be a great, stylish option if you know it’s not going to rain, but something like an effortlessly cool leather jacket is a lot more versatile. To avoid taking a big and bulky jacket with you, however, you can also get a disposable waterproof poncho or cape and wear it over your outfit if it rains so you stay dry without getting any extra warmth or weight over your body.

Feetz Pocket Wellies Park

As for accessories, I’d say taking a waterproof backpack or messenger bag is essential, and while you may never use it, keeping a small umbrella with you might save you some trouble. Finally, taking a foldable hat is also a good idea, especially if it is waterproof, because not only are hats quite fashionable at the moment, but they will also protect your face, hair, and possibly upper body from sunshine as well as rain, which makes them a must-have for festivals.

Have you packed for your festival adventure yet? I bet you will be looking super fashionable while feeling extra comfortable this summer, even when it pours!

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Can’t Miss Glamping Festivals

Summer is just a few weeks away and this means glamping festivals will be underway. Glamping has turned the face of camping on its head. For all of us who prefer a more lavish camping experience, glamping is the answer. There is nothing like sleeping in a bed, using an indoor bathroom and having the modern conveniences of electricity and internet in the great outdoors. When you book your glamping summer excursion, check out these festival glamping events for a little extra summer fun.


The Original Cornbury Music Festival

July 10-12, 2015

The Cornbury Music Festival will be held on the Great Tew Estate in Cotswolds. This music festival promises to be the best of the summer. Featuring such performers as: Tom Jones, Roger Hodgson of Supertramp, Blue, Stargazer, and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. How could you possibly miss this show? You can also indulge in the gourmet catering, merchandise filled festival shops, a disco shed, the fairgrounds and a kid’s zone for your entertainment pleasure. You can make this a fun filled family affair.


Rewind South 80’s Festival

August 21-23, 2015

Who does not love the 80’s? Some of the best music ever made came out of that great decade, never mind the crazy hairdos. This year’s Rewind South Festival will be at Temple Island Meadows, Henley-On-Thames. This festival is jam packed with a vast array of activities to enjoy. There will be a welcome party on Friday night, Sue Ryder and her charity will be represented during the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday night there will be fireworks to light up the night’s sky. There will also be a fair, kids zone, Bump roller disco, river taxis event and a whole lot more.


Reload Festival

September 11-13, 2015

The Reload Festival will be held in September in the Norfolk Show Ground, Norwich, NR5 OTT. This music festival is presenting some cannot miss the opportunity to see music legends. The line up for this year is amazing. They are presenting: UB40, Billy Ocean, Rick Astley, Level 42, Howard Jones, Jimmy Somerville, Katrina (Ex Katrina and the Waves), Marc Almond, M People and The Boomtown Rats. This group of performers will certainly take you back to the good old days of music.


Sundown Glamping

September 4-6, 2015

Sundown Glamping is a must attend event. Brought to you by the good people at Yippee Yurts, Sundown Glamping will be held September 4th-6th in Norfolk Show Ground, NR5 OTT. Twenty-nine fantastic performers will rock your days and nights to pure perfection. Rock all night long with DJ EZ, Culture Shock and Sam Divine to name a few. This festival is a great way to finish out your summer of fun.


Festival glamping is a great vacation excursion. Enjoy nature and the luxuries of home all at the same time. What can be better? Pack your pocket wellies, favorite food, snacks, alcohol, a warm jacket just in case and have a good time. Side note: When booking your glamping weekend, be sure to book your accommodations and festival tickets at the same time. This will ensure your entrance to the festivals of your choice. Happy Glamping!

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Size matters… The ultimate festival kit!

The festival season is upon us and yes, as usual, everyone feels the need to provide a list of what they feel are the most essential products to take. Sadly, I’m no different! You know what they say if you can’t beat them join them!

The list I am about to suggest however, is all about maximizing the limited space you have and attempting to take everything you need. I am after all a girl who hates sacrifice! I definitely think it’s better to have too much that be left short – you should see my handbag it is a survival kit on its own!
I know all too well the feeling of trying to decide what to pack. What should you pack to wear? Can you fit in an extra bottle of vodka or gin – whatever your poison! Whatever your interest the one thing everyone worries about is the weather. We ask ourselves what the weatherman is saying, worry if it is worth leaving your wellies behind and risking the wrath of the weather gods for the sake of an extra bottle of booze! Then we worry about safety!

Whilst I appreciate that you can’t take everything I hope that my list will help you to come as close as possible! The trick is just to find mini versions of everything you need and making it fit in as small a space as you possibly can!

Nivea Roll On

1.            Nivea roll on deodorant – now I know when you’re having fun you don’t really care about anything else but there is no excuse to compromise on the hygiene!


Dove Deodorant

2.            Dove spray – can you tell I’m big on hygiene?! Besides, it’s too cute to leave behind!




3.            Travel size tooth paste (to go with your toothbrush) at this rate you can even include a mini size mouth wash!



Carex Mini Hand Gel

4.            Carex mini hand gel obviously if you can wash your hands please do that, but I appreciate that is not always practical!



Wet Wipes

5.            Wet wipes are better than pocket tissues – you can use them for your dry bath and to wipe those sticky fingers before you eat!



Travel John

6.            Disposable urine bags perhaps coupled with a she wee for ladies! I was going to suggest cat litter (no judging here please!) But then I found this more hygienic, lighter option!!



Nivea Lotion

7.            Lotion for those of you that need sun cream you can make it a combined lotion and something and make sure you do not burn – here’s to having faith in the English weather!



Mini Mascara

8.            Mini mascara because everybody knows if you’ve got a good mascara the rest of your face will survive! Bourjois do the best mini range!




9.            Every girl should always have a good lip balm or gloss if that is your preference. My preferred brand is Vaseline!



Mini Torch

10.          Next is a mini torch key ring! You want to see where you are going!




11.          Do not forget a waterproof poncho! Umbrellas are not practical and maybe a little inconsiderate when you are in a crowd that large! I would suggest a cheap one if it is for a day festival and perhaps a more durable one for longer but remember size is key!



Pink Pocket Wellies View With Packet

12.          Last but not least, Feetz Festival Pocket Wellies!!! Let’s be honest! Nobody wants to carry wellies as they are uncomfortable, heavy, bulky (think of that booze space) and half the time you don’t need them anyway! Feetz Festival Pocket Wellies offer the perfect solution! You can wear the shoes of your choice (warm and comfortable) without worrying about them being waterproof! If it rains you can just slip them over your shoes and when you are get back to your tent slip them off and fold them back up! No need to worry about your Wellies being stolen if you leave them outside your tent or taking up too much space in your tent should you bring them in!

So there you have it ladies and gents! All these items can fit into the side pockets of your bag making the rest of the space available for whatever it is you fancy!! They can also fit into your little day handbag!


I hope you all enjoy whatever festivals you go to and remember to stay safe!

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Introducing Feetz, The Ultimate Pocket Festival Wellies!

With lightweight & portable waterproof overshoes, who needs wellies this summer?

The essential leg-ware for any festival goer, Feetz have launched a new festival range of bright and bold colours to keep your feet dry when the summer rains hit.

Available in pink, yellow, blue and white, Feetz pocket festival wellies are the most innovative way to protect your shoes without having to lug heavy boots through the fields. Known as ‘pocket wellies’ Feetz are lightweight, fold-up shoe-covers which come in a handy travel size pouch which will fit easily into your pocket or handbag.

They are designed to slip effortlessly over your normal shoes, and are tied under the knee to provide a protective waterproof layer. Their compact size when folded means you can pop them into a pocket and carry them around the festival all day, so you never need get caught out in a sudden rain storm again. Added to this, Feetz are washable, meaning you can re-use them again and again. Priced at only £9.99, fashion conscious festival goers could even buy one of each colour and match their wellies to their outfits!

Feetz Colourful Festival Wellies

Feetz Colourful Festival Wellies

Husband and wife team, Mark and Diana Cooke, who launched Feetz last year, explain: “We love the great outdoors and try to get to as many festivals as possible each year, but you can never be certain what the weather will have in store! Diana and I had got tired of ruining shoes in a sudden downpour, but we didn’t want to cart a heavy pair of boots around a field all day, and that’s why we invented Feetz, to be the ultimate in easy festival footwear.”

Feetz Pocket Festival Wellies are also now available in size XS (2-4) all the way up to L (UK size 10), meaning they fit snugly over your normal shoes and are far comfier than traditional wellington boots.

The new range of Festival Feetz are £9.99 and available to order from www.feetz.co.uk

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Local Business Helps Keep Your Feet Dry This Winter With Stylish New Portable Feetz Pocket Wellies!

A Manchester-based business is set to revolutionise winter footwear with the advent of portable pocket wellies, available from Monday.

As winter sets in and wet weather prepares to hit the country, the affordable new range from Feetz will save your shoes, and your bank-balance.

Whether you are on the way to work, off to the shops or even getting ready for your Christmas party, a sudden rain shower need never catch you short again. These portable, waterproof overshoes fit snugly over your shoes or boots, yet are compact enough when folded to fit into your pocket, handbag of glove compartment of your car, providing the most practical and lightweight way to keep your feet dry and your shoes clean whatever the weather.

The Feetz Pocket Wellies come in 3 colours, blue, yellow or black, and at only £9.99 they make the ideal stocking filler this Christmas. Available now from the website www.feetz.co.uk

Feetz Pocket Festival Wellies

Feetz Pocket Festival Wellies

A family-run business, Feetz are the brainchild of Mark and Diana Cooke who met in Malawi, Africa, and relocated to the UK to study and be closer to Mark’s family. The couple no split their time between bases in Manchester and Liverpool. They have had a lot of support from friends in the area, and consider Feetz very much as a growing North West company. Mark explains: “Coming from a warmer and dryer climate we found it took a little getting used to the weather here. Last year whilst watching the Manchester Marathon I ended up throwing away a good pair of leather shoes that got ruined, and Diana has had to dispose of Uggs because they got ruined with the weather and grit. We never liked the idea of carrying wellies around as it wasn’t very practical and even a pair in our car boot soon ended up muddying everything else that went in there. We had a look to see if we could get a portable or fold up version – in the same way people carry ponchos, but we couldn’t find anything on the market at all.”

Unable to find what they were looking for, the pair decided to design some waterproof shoe covers themselves, and a year later they have officially launched Feetz.

“Feetz are so versatile”, says Mark, “you can use them for festivals, a walk in the park, or even a bike ride. We wanted to create a fun and easy to use cover that can be used for all occasions. They are lightweight and reusable, and they even work as a wind barrier helping to keep your feet warm too. They come in a small waterproof packet, and easily slip over your existing shoes, covering your leg to just below the knee. They are also easy to clean, and have a non-slip PVC sole, ideal when the ice and snow sets in.”

Feetz are available now and fit adult UK sizes 4-10. They can be ordered from www.feetz.co.uk

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Be Prepared, Have Feetz!

So this week I’ll be sharing with you about my adventurous weekend. I am your typical girly girl, put me in a shopping centre for five hours and I thrive, put me in a park for a walk for half an hour and I think I am being tortured! My husband on the other hand hates shopping, hates being stuck indoors and that coupled with the threat of impending winter found us planning a walk at the weekend.

So off we went in search of the perfect park. Living in Manchester the obvious choice was Heaton Park as it’s only a short drive away. We got there and parked up. I got my handbag and for the next ten minutes my husband would not stop telling me how silly he thought it was for me to be carrying my handbag whilst going for a walk and tried to convince me to leave it in the car.

Muddy Festival Park Wellies

Muddy Festival Park Wellies

Tempted as I was, I didn’t follow his advice because I know all too well how unpredictable the weather can be even if the weatherman promised you sunshine. Not long into our walk the heavens opened and we took shelter under the nearest tree. I had my trusted umbrella which to be honest didn’t do much good for any part of my body other than my head and shoulders. Then I remembered that I had my Feetz Pocket Wellies in my bag as well! So I quickly put them over my Ugg boots and was ready to continue my walk. My poor husband bless his heart didn’t take his pair with him and in typical male fashion he doesn’t own an umbrella! Not only was he drenched but his feet were soaked and jeans muddy so much so that not only was it the end of our walk but he had to go home so he could change. To top it off his nice leather boots were ruined and cannot be rescued!

So ladies and gents, my parting words to you (and my husband), be smart and carry a pair of Feetz Pocket Wellies!

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Wet Shoes? Wet Feet? Love Pocket Wellies!

Are you as upset as I am that the weather has turned and the rain is here to stay? Are your shoes getting ruined, especially those nice boots that had the potential to stay dry when you just purchased them? Are your treasured Uggs that you paid a fair amount for getting soaked through?

Well fear no more fellow shoe lovers and warm feet worshipers! I have discovered just the solution for you. Feetz! Feetz! Glorious Feetz! What are they you ask? They are your new best friends and salvation against the wet!

They are foldable, portable overshoes that fit in your pocket or handbag. Simply put, they are pocket wellies. I have never been a fan of wellies myself for all the good they do at keeping your feet dry they do nothing for keeping them warm. Some might argue that this problem can be overcome by a simple purchase of welly socks. This is a fair point if you have a spare £20 to fork out on a pair of socks and that’s on top of the well-earned cash you have spent on your wellies! Needless to say you will probably have to buy a couple of pairs of welly socks in the long term. Not only that, where are the wellies when you are caught in the rain on your way to work and back? Or when you are running around town and the heavens decide to open up on you? Don’t even get me started on the weight you need to be carrying around just in case it rains!

Feetz Pocket Wellies Pair

The Feetz pocket wellies on the other hand come in a small waterproof packet that very easily fits in your handbag or jacket pocket. They can easily be slipped over your shoes, pulled up to you knees and secured to keep the water out.

Did someone say dry, toasty feet?! Not to mention dry clothes from the knees down and no need to throw your jeans over a radiator when you get in!

Best of all, once it stops raining or you arrive safely (and dry) at your destination, you simply slip them off, fold them back up and put them back in their pocket ready for next time. You don’t even have to worry about them making a mess in your bag as the packet is completely waterproof too!

They come in various sizes and colours including black for those of you who like me prefer to blend into the background.  There are also bright colours for those of you who refuse to let bad weather rain on your parade!

They are suitable for almost everything including dog walking, music festivals, football matches and sporting events. They are the perfect accessory – light weight, waterproofing, easy to clean, easy to access, and have an anti-slip PVC sole.

So say goodbye to expensive wellies and welly socks and get yourself some Feetz pocket wellies and I hope you will be as pleased with your Feetz pocket wellies as I was.


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