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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the grip like on a pair of Feetz?

The sole is designed to provide good grip in most conditions – they are great in mud, water or snow and give good purchase on rocks. Like most wellies though they don’t offer the best grip in 4 inches of mud, but little will – At least you will have clean shoes afterwards!

To get the best out of the grip, it’s important to get Feetz that fit you well, so plan your footwear and Feetz sizing well.

I’ve ordered the wrong size or colour what should I do?

We are always here to help so just send us an e-mail to and one of our team will be able to help you. We will endeavour to deal with your query in a personable and timely manner.

Are Feetz just for festivals?

Feetz were created with festivals in mind and as pocket festival wellies they offer an alternative to carrying heavy wellies. They do however have a lot of uses and we already have a lot of people using them in various situations like horse-riding, canal boating, traveling, dog-walking, camping and general garden use. We are sure there are many uses we are yet to find!

How accurate is the sizing?

We spent a lot of time testing the sizing to make sure it is as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, all shoes are different and that is why Feetz are supplied in whole sizes (e.g Small, Medium and Large) rather than exact sizing. Our sizing guide is the best place to visit to check what fit would be better, but for complete accuracy, we recommend measuring the bottom of your shoes or walking boots or e-mailing us at for more information.

Please remember that that women’s shoes tend to be smaller than men’s shoes. Therefore, we suggest that if you have a shoe size that falls between sizes, for example size 6, obviously taking into account what sort of shoes you intend to wear, ladies go for small Feetz and gents go for a medium!

Will Feetz fit over my boots?

This will depend on what size you choose and your boots. Feetz are designed to be loosely fitting over the top of shoes so you can wear different footwear within them. They also have a wide calf area as your they are fully sealed and waterproof and your boots need to fit in through the top – this provides a little more space around the ankle area for boots that come with ankle supports.

How durable are Feetz?

Feetz are designed to be hard wearing and durable – they have a thick sole and are made from heavy duty PVC. There is a chance sharp object will damage the material, but they will put up with a lot of ‘normal’ abuse.

How high do Feetz come up my leg?

Feetz are designed to give you full knee high coverage from mud and water. Our smaller sizes are shorter than the larger ones, but all should keep your shoes and Legwear free from relatively deep water or mud.

Do Feetz provide a permanent replacement for my wellies?

Feetz offer an alternative to traditional heavy wellies. They are not designed to replace wellies but to give people a choice. They are great for festivals, camping, general outdoor use and many other things, but for heavy duty or constant use we would recommend staying with work boots or work wellies.

Can I buy Feetz elsewhere or only on the website?

We also have an Amazon and eBay shop if you would prefer to stick to websites you already know or have an account with. You can also buy them from many online festivals and camping shops with more suppliers getting the Feetz fever every month and stocking them.

Is it safe to pay by card and will my details be safe?

Our website is completely safe and all our payments are processed by Paypal Pro services. You won’t leave our website during the payment process or be diverted to any other payment processing facilities.
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