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About Us Feetz Pocket Festival Wellies Muddy Feetz Care

We want you to get the best usage out of your Feetz and caring for them will ensure they last for many outings and festivals to come.

As Feetz inevitably get wet and muddy, in order to have them ready for future use it is important to give them a rinse and dry before they are put away. They are small enough to fit in a sink or bucket and the smooth finish means it only takes a minute. We also advise rinsing out the inside of your boots if they have been worn over muddy shoes.

Like all galoshes it is important to wash your Pocket Wellies in cool water and not to expose them to excessive heat as this can affect their waterproof seal.

Please also remember that pocket wellies are designed to be used over your shoes. They have a thick sole which is suitable for such use. However like other galoshes please avoid walking on glass as these will damage the pocket wellies.

Once they are clean and dry, your Pocket Festival Wellies can be stowed in the waterproof pouch they came in. Just don’t forget to take them with you next time you wander out in iffy weather or to a festival. Perfect for caravanning too!

What’s more, we care greatly what you think of your Feetz so if you have anything you wanted to add or suggest for the product in the future we would love to hear from you….
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